Here are some of the organizations we know are using Cilium.
If you’re using Cilium and aren’t on this list, please submit a pull request!

Building a Global Multi Cluster Gaming Infrastructure with Cilium

What Makes a Good Multi-tenant Kubernetes Solution

Building a Secure and Maintainable PaaS

Building High-Performance Cloud-Native Pod Networks

Scaling a Multi-Tenant k8s Cluster in a Telco

First step towards cloud native networking

Cloud Native Networking with eBPF

Managed Kubernetes: 1.5 Years of Cilium Usage at DigitalOcean

Google chooses Cilium for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) networking

Why eBPF is changing the Telco networking space?

Kubernetes Network Policies in Action with Cilium

AWS picks Cilium for Networking & Security on EKS Anywhere

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Cilium is everywhere

Canonical's Kubernetes distribution microk8s uses Cilium as CNI plugin

Civo is offering Cilium as the CNI option for Civo users to choose it for their Civo Kubernetes clusters

Datadog is using Cilium in AWS (self-hosted k8s)

Form3 is using Cilium in their production clusters (self-hosted, bare-metal, private cloud)

KubeKey is an open-source lightweight tool for deploying Kubernetes clusters and addons

Meltwater is using Cilium in AWS on self-hosted multi-tenant k8s clusters as the CNI plugin

Palantir is using Cilium as their main CNI plugin in AWS (self hosted k8s)

PostFinance is using Cilium as their CNI for all mission critical, on premise k8s clusters

Scaleway uses Cilium as the default CNI for Kubernetes Kapsule

Sportradar is using Cilium as their main CNI plugin in AWS (using kops)

Utmost is using Cilium in all tiers of its Kubernetes ecosystem to implement zero trust

Yahoo is using Cilium for L4 North-South Load Balancing for Kubernetes Services

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