E-commerce platforms have a unique set of networking needs— in most cases, a highly dynamic microservices architecture, exponential increases in user traffic, diverse geographic distribution, and stringent data security requirements.

Cilium leverages eBPF, a new powerful Linux kernel technology, to address these unique needs, offering high-performance cloud native-aware networking, observability, and security. E-commerce teams can scale globally and deliver better user experiences through a low-latency network path from Cilium's eBPF-optimized data plane. Cilium also provides a wide range of security and observability features that support E-commerce teams in implementing compliance frameworks such as FIPS, PCI DSS, GDPR, Fedramp, and SOC 2.

Join the next wave of high-performance e-commerce platforms leveraging the advanced capabilities of eBPF with Cilium to build scalable and secure e-commerce experiences. Gain the edge in speed, security, and observability.

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HYBRID CLOUDWith over 20,000 nodes
200,000Hubble events per second
3,000+Cilium network policy entries

Trip.com operates in 200 countries and 40 languages, using both on-premise and cloud-based Kubernetes.


Build Globally Distributed Services. Gain The Edge in Speed, Security, and Observability

E-commerce platforms with offerings spanning a wide geographic distribution often need to deploy their platforms close to their users to reduce latency. Cilium provides a wide range of features enabling e-commerce platforms to build infrastructure across multiple clouds, regions, availability zones, and geographic locations without sacrificing performance. Cilium Cluster Mesh effectively allows joining multiple clusters into a large unified network, regardless of the Kubernetes distribution or location each of them is running. Cilium also offers scalable and efficient load balancing and ingress, enabling maglev-supported load balancing on L3/L4 for N/S traffic and E/W, including DSR and transparent k8s ingress controllers.

With a Cilium-enabled infrastructure, e-commerce platforms can confidently expand their reach and offer fast, reliable, and globally accessible e-commerce experiences to their customers.

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We evaluated other CNIs, but Cilium stood out primarily due to its performance. When we started performance testing Cilium, we found that its performance remained steady, even as cluster traffic surged. As our scale increased, Cilium didn’t start degrading while other CNIs did.Cilium has leveled up Trendyol’s Kubernetes clusters. With its advanced capabilities, Cilium enabled us to solve our networking issues and outperformed all other CNIs. We have successfully increased our scalability, performance, security and visibility with Cilium.
Emin Aktas Platform Engineer, Trendyol

Anticipating a further increase in the number of Kubernetes clusters and size of the clusters prompted Trendyol to seek Cilium as an alternative CNI solution.


What Does Cilium Offer the E-commerce Industry?

E-commerce platforms and teams can benefit from many of Cilium’s use cases, including:

Microservices Architectures

Cilium provides application-aware networking that enables microservices architectures to be easily deployed and managed in a secure and scalable way.

Multi-Cluster and Hybrid-Cloud Environments

Cilium supports multi-cluster and hybrid cloud environments, allowing enterprises to easily connect and secure Kubernetes workloads across multiple clusters.

Large-Scale Kubernetes Deployments

Enterprises that have large-scale Kubernetes deployments with hundreds or thousands of nodes can benefit from the high-performance networking and observability features provided by Cilium.

Securing Customer Data

Cilium provides advanced network policy enforcement, mutual authentication, and transparent encryption to protect data in transit ensuring a secure check out process.

We saw wide adoption in the market and a very feature rich tooling and ecosystem around Cilium, like Tetragon for security observability and Hubble for network visibility. All of these factors together made the decision clear that we needed to migrate to Cilium to prepare our platform for the next steps in our cloud native journey.
Amir Kheirkhahan DevOps Specialist, DB Schenker

DB Schenker migrated to Cilium to prepare it platform for the next steps in their cloud native journey.


Leverage Cilium To Deliver Reliable, Fast, and Secure E-commerce Experience to Customers

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Unleashing the Power of Cilium CNI to Propel Trendyol’s Performance Up to 40%!

Recognizing the need to enhance their clusters and unlock new capabilities, Trendyol switched from flannel and implemented Cilium as the default CNI for the Kubernetes cluster resulting in an up to 40% increase in performance.

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IKEA Private Cloud: Connecting 390+ Stores and 4.3 Billion Website Visitors

Cilium has become a key piece connecting the vast cloud native estate of IKEA Retail (Ingka Group) encompassing both public and private cloud Kubernetes clusters.

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How Trip.com Group switched to Cilium For Scalable and Cloud Native Networking

Trip.com looked at several options to pick its next-generation networking platform. Cilium provided them with an extremely scalable and stable networking solution.

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Cilium’s Solutions for E-commerce

Bandwidth and Latency Management

Optimize your bandwidth and latency with rate limiting and fair queuing. Rely on our TCP congestion control algorithm.

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Service Mesh

Cilium redefines traditional service mesh frameworks by integrating the mesh layer directly into the kernel using eBPF

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High Performance Networking (CNI)

Enabling network operators to abstract and manage the cloud native network, including on-prem integration with BGP and overlay networking compatible with Cloud SDNs.

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