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Most cloud providers have their own custom CNIs, resulting in operational complexity for customers operating in multi-cloud environments. For example, the configuration and capabilities of the AWS VPC CNI and OpenShift SDN are significantly different. This fragmentation increases overhead in installing, operating, and troubleshooting network interfaces across cloud environments.

Cilium addresses these issues by presenting a unified networking solution tailored for Kubernetes that is compatible across various clouds, providing a consistent workflow that simplifies operations. Using eBPF, Cilium extends beyond Kubernetes basic networking capabilities, offering enhanced observability, security, and reduced latency. Major cloud providers, including Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and Alibaba, have all standardized on Cilium for Kubernetes networking and security as a testament to its scalability, performance, and rich feature set.

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Our customers get all the benefits from a scalability and performance perspective which is key for a platform to provide and they are setting up their cloud native platform for the next set of challenges.
Deepak Bansal CVP and Technical Fellow, Microsoft Azure

Cilium combines with the existing control plane of Azure CNI to bring a high-performance eBPF-based dataplane with extensive security and observability capabilities to Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

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Hetzner Cloud Adopts Cilium for a Cloud Native Ingress Architecture

Hetzner Cloud, a leading German public cloud provider, recently overhauled its ingress architecture to pursue modern and scalable cloud services. Hetzner was scouting for a Kubernetes-native solution with ECMP, firewall, IPv6, and DSR capabilities. Cilium emerged as the ideal choice. Before adopting Cilium, Hetzner ran tests deploying different Cilium configurations in a Kubernetes cluster to benchmark RPS and throughput and then checking the CPU usage as a metric to compare the tests. These tests showed Cilium provided a massive increase in both RPS and throughput while still reducing CPU usage.

With Cilium's Kubernetes-native support, scalability, enhanced security, IPv6 compatibility, and efficiency with DSR, Cilium is a compelling choice for cloud providers. The results of Hetzner Cloud's performance tests highlight the value of adopting Cilium to elevate performance, security, and scalability in the cloud infrastructure landscape.

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Hetzner was looking to upgrade the company's current ingress architecture to a Kubernetes native solution that a offers ECMP, firewall, IPv6, and DSR capabilities. Overall, Cilium provided a massive increase in both RPS and throughput while still reducing CPU usage.
Pol Arroyo DevOps Engineer, Hetzner Cloud

Hetzner Cloud is a German public cloud provider that supplies a variety of cloud products like load balancers, virtual machines, storage, and firewalls

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Empowering Azure’s AKS Clusters with Cilium

Cilium's open source data plane is natively integrated with Azure CNI in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). This integration allows users to tap into Cilium's feature-rich ecosystem, right from the Azure Marketplace.

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The Cilium community has put in a tremendous amount of effort to bootstrap the Cilium project, which is the most mature eBPF implementation for Kubernetes out there. We at Google actively contribute to the Cilium project, so that the entire Kubernetes community can leverage the advances we are making with eBPF.
Gobind Johar Product Manager, Google Kubernetes Engine

Google uses Cilium and eBPF as the new networking dataplane for Google’s managed Kubernetes offering (GKE) and Anthos.

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AWS picks Cilium for Networking & Security on EKS Anywhere

AWS picked Cilium as the built-in default for networking and security. As you create your first EKS Anywhere (EKS-A) cluster, you will automatically have Cilium installed.

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Google chooses Cilium in Datapath V2 for GKE and Anthos

GKE Dataplane V2 harnesses the power of eBPF and Cilium to bring Kubernetes Network Policy logging to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) among other features.

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Azure CNI Powered by Cilium

Azure CNI Powered by Cilium combines the robust control plane of Azure CNI with the data plane of Cilium to provide high-performance networking and security.

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DigitalOcean Picks Cilium as the Preferred Networking Solution for DOKS

DigitalOcean chose Cilium as the preferred networking, security, and observability solution for their DOKS platform due to its prominent role in the cloud native ecosystem, its capabilities in IP Address Management (IPAM), and its powerful network policies.

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